Apanema Mindfulness Resort Lefkada

Unique 4 holiday villas with pool in Lefkada Island, Ionian Islands, Greece

- open all year round -

If your dates are unavailable please contact us

Accommodation in Lefkada Island, Greece

For accommodation in Lefkada villas for 1 up to 4 people, take a tour of our one-bedroom villas with pool: Villa Peaceful, Villa Wellness & Villa Wellbeing. For larger groups, up to 6 guests, Zen Family Villa is a great choice.

Apanema Mindfulness Resort Facilities

We found this place in the heart of nature.

As soon as we walked in, the energy, the flow… everything was so… perfect… that we decided to take it, and add our own concepts of the perfect place for holidays.

And so we added all the nice features of a Mindfulness Resort in Greece.

Our resort facilities now include the heated swimming pool, the massage pavilion, the sauna, the mindfulness practice studio, the Zen garden & herb garden

All for giving you a chance to meet the most relaxed version of yourself.

Private yoga classes and massage

The place itself, the green nature around, the bird-songs are deeply relaxing. But a private yoga class, or a massage are always a good idea. Treat yourself.

Mindfulness Retreats Location in Greece

We did everything we could think of to make Apanema Mindfulness as welcoming as possible for all seasons. 

We are pleased to announce that we will organise Mindfulness Retreats in Lefkada, Greece, from September until June. 

The owners of the resort will be hosting some of the retreats. They are well trained into the arts of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong. 

We are also looking forward to inviting some international Mindfulness coaches.

More details soon.

Location for private events in Lefkada

Our resort in Lefkada can host and accommodate up to 19 guests. As we have no neighbours, it is an ideal location for private events in Lefkada. If the group is larger, more people can stay at one of the villas in the neighbourhood.

This entire resort in Lefkada can be booked for small weddings, team-buildings, biking trips, corporate events, ceremonies or any kind of private event in Lefkada.

Too book the whole resort please write an email:


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