Local Activities

Enjoy the hidden treasures of Lefkada with Apanema Mindfulness Lefkada. From hiking & guided walks to kite-surfing – all can be arranged to fulfill even the most adventurous. At the end of day, Apanema Sauna and massage services await…

Sfakiotes Walk

endulge in the Apanema Mindfulness natural habitat

A beautiful area of Lefkada island, with rich flοra and fauna, ideal for an easy introductory hike.
The hike beginss from Apanema Mindfulness in Asprogerakata village. Starting off from an altitude of 241 meters above sea level in Fryas square with the beautiful plain trees and the water wells dating back to the Turkish period (1479-1684). Then hike through the villages, reaching the altitude of 517 above sea level through Lazarata, Spanohori and Kavalos, where a visit the local folklore museum takes you back in time.

Hike duration: aproximately 2 hrs
Total distance: 8 km

Melissa Gorge

adventure trail through old watermills and stone bridges

Starting the day at the picturesque village of Kavalos, a few minutes walk from Apanema Mindfulness and having gathered at the local village café the downhill journey to Melissa gorge begins. Abandoned watermills and the old stone bridges indicate the past prosperity of the whole mountainous region of Lefkada island.

Hike duration: aproximatley 3 hours
Total distance: 12 km
Elevation loss/gain: aproximately 300 meters

Skaros Oak forest

adventure trail through old watermills and stone bridges

Located up in the river-crossed mountains of Lefkada, this forest is made up of centuries’ old moss-draped trees, along with a very rare type of oak which can only be found in Lefkada and in a handful of other forests in Europe. Skaros Forest is exceptionally beautiful and plays a vital role in Lefkada island’s eco-system. There are wild goats roaming the forest, so look out for herds as you explore !
The guided hike includes thr authentic greek village of Kolivata.

Hike duration: aproximatley 2.5 hours
Total distance: 10 km
Elevation loss/gain: aproximately 255 meters

Your Apanema experience

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