Zvika Bar Dror

Get out of mind                                              

In Autumn of 2013, I returned from China, three months in a Taoist monastery in WUDANG Mountains, a school for Tai Ji Tai Chi Qi Gong – 12 hours of training a day, 3 months on air, water, rice and vegetables… Tai Ji (yes) starts from Wu Ji (no) the edges the sublime of the infinite TAO universe cosmos deity – cannot be transcended Above and beyond.  Tai Ji Qi Gong of the Eastern Gong Fu monks. Thousands of years of experience of teachers and students, the parents are Buddhism and Taoism from which a soft martial art was born through a slow and relaxed meditative movement designed for holistic self development, for the body this is practice, for the mind a lesson in concentration of will power and illustration for the soul this is a method of spiritual meditation – a driven branch of Traditional Chinese medicine, A soft martial art that uses Taoist ideas – Yin Yang, the five elements, relaxation, emptiness, rooting, slowness and uniformity, coordination, breathing, concentration, focus, flexibility, orientation, stability, restraint, neutralization, relaxation, let go, let be, the art of balance. Health, self-defense, mental and spiritual achievements and the way to eternal life. About this ancient practice it is said in the classical writings: “When the lower vertebrae are upright, the spirit of vitality QI reaches the heights of the head. When there is a feeling that the upper part of the head is hanging and held from above, so the body will be light and agile.” This is the way to strengthen the spine, and with the strengthening of the spine not only the internal organs are automatically strengthened, but also the brain itself. The Qi must be stimulated and stimulated. When the Qi is awakened, it heats up to such an extent that it penetrates the bones and turns into marrow. By training in this way for many years we can enjoy perfect health and longevity.

Rehabilitation institution   

The agenda at the Taoist monastery is tough. The day starts at 06:00, groups of students gather in the school square for morning training. Qi Gong energy regulation to balance body (JING), mind (QI) spirit (SHEN) like the way of the bamboo – the feet (body) as a root deep in the ground in the water. The spine (the soul) is like a strong and flexible reed. The hands and the head (the wind) are like the tops of branches in the sky. Intention breath movement – like a dewdrop kissing the bamboo leaves. Intention without intention Doing without doing Fighting without fighting Let it be – Tai ji be like water After a few days I already internalized that I was in a Rehabilitation institution. Detox from what?  Why was I addicted? “Programmed”. For tasks, performance, results, vigilance, tension, adrenaline, climbing, endless pursuit of goals. And the price is heavy! Fatigue, irritability, self-destruction syndromes… the body screamed “I’m tired, exhausted, burned out” but the mind didn’t listen. Cognitive dissonance between the automatic habits and the physiological reality of the body. Who am I fighting? I had to “bump into the wall” to realize that the enemy is from within – “me”. I internalized as snakebite – Tai ji is for self-defense, from whom? from myself?


 In the summer of 2011, at the age of 54, in the second year of studying Chinese medicine, I lost the hearing in my right ear completely in less than six months and the left survived as it is… I realized that the body sends messages and signals and if I continue to abuse it will end very badly! The body does not call the mind to warn, it does not send an email and we will not receive WhatsApp – when we do not listen inside not sensitive to messages signals the body-soul communicates with pain, syndromes, diseases and suffering. It took several years of mourning for the sense of hearing that died, despair and frustration. As someone who is used to hearing people from birth – boom! Deafness… Suffering! I began learning and listening to the body like a baby learning to walk, to acknowledge, internalize and change without repressions, denials and escapes. Confess like in a support group: Yes! I’m addicted to work, career, tasks, it’s my “drug”, I’m a Workaholic Taskaholic

Monkey mind                    

This is what I wrote in my diary on September 5, 2013: The way to internalize the movement is to repeat it over and over again like the movement of breathing… do not think – only feel and relax the “Monkey mind” – this is the moment when the brain waves calm down, meditation in motion… or movement Meditative, a virtue for relaxation, stress release be manful and balance Tai Ji – from here, from the root of the crisis, I began the spiritual journey. The crisis turned into a process of radical change. Training in Tai Ji aims at a harmonious match between consciousness and the subconscious to contact with the existing reality. Daily training for prevention, balm and growth

Crisis – opportunity   

Crisis is an opportunity to cross the gate – this is rehab – the beginning of a new sublime path. On the other side, a new life begins. Silence in the “eye of the storm”. Pragmatic mental change in consciousness. Just don’t run away, self-discipline and perseverance, get used to practice and practice every day… time has no meaning only to the intention and in fact – what do you practice: posture (kidney water), flexibility (heavy wood), twin (heart fire), orientation (metal/lung air ), zip code (spleen soil). Committed conscious people can go through the gate anywhere and anytime.

Apanema Mindfulness 

In the spring of 2022 I crossed the floating bridge to the illuminated island of Lefkada, in the car with me a YIN cosmic energy was present, the winding mountain road led me to a small plot of God in a traditional Greek village with about 100 houses. I walked slowly into a villas complex on the side of an evergreen mountain. Deep in my Dan Tyne I felt excitement. The circle is closed. The place drew and magnetized me – a spiritual journey that lasted about 11 years from the WUDANG Mountains to a magical island in the heart of the Mediterranean. But I am not alone the YIN cosmic energy named ANAT that was present in my field on the journey we became partners. On May 23 we opened the place to host MINDFULNESS. We invest the best resources to develop and upgrade the place for the welfare of the people. Accommodation 365 days a year in a MINDFULNESS atmosphere in all RETREATS varieties.

Zen nun, Anat Sternberg – in midlife on a spiritual journey treading the sublime path to where time stands still, the eternal spirit burning in my bones


Taoist monk, Zvika Bar Dror – in midlife I get out of mind, a vanished hand pulls me up a winding road to a God’s plot to the place where time stands still