Holiday Villas


A dream is a strange thing. It is known that people usually do not remember their dreams. We, the owners of Apanema Mindfulness holiday villas on the island of Lefkada in Greece, have been dreaming for years a similar dream. Wakening up every morning with the same dream and remember it in detail. To establish on a magical island a place where time stands still. A place in an ancient mountain village to which the winding road leads. On both sides of the road, olive trees, pine and evergreen cypress and in winter layers of cyclamen and anemones like unending carpets. A small piece of God isolated on the side of a mountain. Birds chirping, dogs barking and roosters crowing early in the morning. Beneath the organic land is a huge groundwater reservoir reached by 300-year-old tree roots. A place where people in the insanely demanding 21st century can take a break from the stressful everyday routine. To stop, relax and breathe in a wonderful Zen garden on each of the 365 days of the year. In summer, autumn, winter and spring in all seasons. A place that has a Swedish sauna, a heated pool for swimming and water therapy, a pavilion for mind-body treatments massage, an outdoor studio and a Zen garden for practicing Yoga Tai chi Qi gong.       A dream is a strange thing, but it becomes even stranger when it a transform to a vision.


Vision is also a strange thing. It is seen as the horizon line. As you get closer to it, it stays in the same place. We the owners of Apanema Mindfulness have won and win every day every breath to transform the dream into a vision. Although we are from the same country, live about 25 minutes away from each other, we did not know each other.  In February 2021 we visited two different islands to look for the dream place. In May 2023 we already practiced in the Zen Garden at our first Autumn Retreat in Apanema Mindfulness – from that moment we became partners in a spiritual journey share the same sense of destiny and fate fulfill the vision. Did the place find us…?                    The universe shell brings the answer… One thing is very clear to us, a spiritual journey is neither a work plan nor a business plan. It is walking in the desert in uncertainty to an unknown land. Walking with a heel on the side of the thumb. small and determined steps. Trust the senses and less the intellect. With faith love and compassion.


The place was built by the previous owner in 2010 on an area of 2046 square meters. The land was agricultural until construction. Our lawyer checked the legality of the contract starting in 1927. He found the first legal document of the land’s owner who purchased it from the authorities in full money. The settlement in the village of Asprogerakata began about 300 years ago. The translation of the Asprogerakata from Greek is a white-headed eagle. First he built two villas and a pool. Two years later he built two more villas.

There are 4 villas. 3-bedroom villas and a patio yard. One villa, 3 floors, 2 bedrooms, 3 balconies. The owner who built it gave the place the name Apanema, meaning in Greek a small windless hidden bay. The place gives an Fire and Metal. The villas are built of natural materials stone and wood. Did the previous owner pick up from the universe our visionary dream and prepare the place for hosting Mindfulness? Is the place the universe summoned Mindfulness? Many miracles and wonders happened and are happening around this unique special place. We the owners gave the villas new names – Zen Villa, Peaceful villa, Wellness villa and Wellbeing villa – we upgraded and renovated the place in the winter of 2023 for year-round hosting. Now in the winter of 2024 we are upgrading and renovating aging. In winter of 2025 we are planning another upgrade and renovation. All the investment is for the guests who will come to stop to relax and breathe in a place where time stands still. Immediately when we purchased, we gave the place the name Apanema Mindfulness a unique holiday villas. When you practice a meditative movement like Tai Chi Qi Gong Yoga time stands still. Therefore Mindfulness is Timeless where Windless time and spirit stand still. Every time we cross the floating bridge to the island of Lefkada we feel the excitement of the first crossing. The feeling of transcendence in a spiritual journey of a vision that became a fulfillment. The one who dreams the same dream every morning. Who is determined, consistent, and full of faith and hope. Who loves compassion and gratitude flood his heart. Who is not afraid of uncertainty? Who challenges himself. Who sees in every crisis a new meaning and an opportunity. Who is brave and daring who is not afraid of risks. Removes the obstacles. The one for whom money is like fuel for a car no less and no more. The one who lives the present, this moment here and now – can transform a dream into a vision – and a vision into fulfillment.

Zen nun, Anat Sternberg in midlife on a spiritual journey treading the sublime path to where time stands still, the eternal spirit burning in my bones

Taoist monk, Zvika Bar Dror  in midlife I get out of mind, a vanished hand pulls me up a winding road to a God’s plot to the place where time stands still.